Vermont Law School SELS

After having watched UF’s Sports Law Symposium via webcast, and seeing how well organized Darren Heitner was, I personally set off with the aid of my colleagues in the Vermont Law School SELS to see what we can do at VLS to make our own panel a success. (Great job Darren!) As some of you … Continue reading

Performance bonuses make difference for Hendricks and client Pettitte…

Many factors may have contributed to Pettitte’s acceptance of the NY Yankees’ offer. One being the general market factors, but the other factors that may have contributed are; the signing of three of the top free-agents, playing in the new Yankee Stadium, playing for a playoff ready team, Pettitte’s 4 world series rings with the … Continue reading

Arizona Deserting What Anquan Boldin Deserves?

Before the 2008-2009 season started, the Arizona Cardinals supposedly promised Anquan Boldin a new contract, one that presumably would give him more than he is making now, a dollar value that is more representative of his talent in relation to other wide receivers in the NFL. Instead, the Cardinals decided to give his teammate wide … Continue reading

Symposium Season In Full Swing

It’s that time of the year again! Sports and Entertainment Law Societies all across the nation are holding their annual symposiums right around this time of the year. If you happen to have a free moment and are not studying or reading cases and are interested in attending a symposium, check the list below to find … Continue reading

Sports News Weekly Clean-Up

McNabb’s Lawn Burned by Two Cardinals Fans Two Arizona Cardinal fans, Rex Perkins and Ryan Hanlon, took their pranks a little too far at Donovan McNabb’s Chandler, Arizona home last Saturday. The pair began innocently enough last Thursday by hanging their team’s flag in one of Donovan’s trees, which he laughed off. However, the duo … Continue reading

UF Sports Law Symposium will be WEBCAST LIVE

From Darren Heitner– We are going to give it a try and become the first Sports Law Symposium to broadcast the event live tomorrow, January 23, on the internet for everybody to enjoy free of charge. The live stream will be broadcast on For a full list of speakers, moderators, and discussion topics, please … Continue reading

A [very] Short Update

Well, I suppose it’s high time I added something to this blog. Everything has been going really well. The response has been overwhelming—in a very good way. People are excited about the possibilities and a lot of people want to help out. Now if only more people wanted to write for the blog. . . … Continue reading