Sports News Weekly Clean-Up

McNabb’s Lawn Burned by Two Cardinals Fans

Two Arizona Cardinal fans, Rex Perkins and Ryan Hanlon, took their pranks a little too far at Donovan McNabb’s Chandler, Arizona home last Saturday. The pair began innocently enough last Thursday by hanging their team’s flag in one of Donovan’s trees, which he laughed off. However, the duo returned Saturday to burn “Go Cards,” “Go Kurt,” and “I heart AZ,” into Donovan’s lawn with diesel fuel. The lawn burning, which caused $2,000 in damage, was accompanied by a box inscribed with “Go Cards,” and “Beat Philly.” Unfortunately, for the pranksters the police found an address label on the box that led them to Rex Perkins. Both Perkins and Hanlon admitted to the pranks and were cited for misdemeanor criminal damage.

Ross Becomes Miami Dolphins’ Majority Owner

On Tuesday, New York real estate billionaire Stephen Ross became majority owner of the Miami Dolphins, with Wayne Huizenga retaining a 5 percent interest. The two businessmen reached an agreement to complete a deal that was initiated last February. At that time Ross bought 50 percent of the franchise, Dolphin Stadium and surrounding land from Huizenga for $550 million, with an agreement that Ross would later become managing general partner.

NFL Team Moving to Los Angeles?

On Tuesday, voters in the City of Industry, California approved a bond providing $150 million for infrastructure improvements at a 600-acre site where an $800 million stadium has been proposed. Ed Roski, a billionaire real estate developer, says he will build the stadium, if the NFL promises a team.  So, which teams are in the running for a potential relocation to Los Angeles? One possibility is the Minnesota Vikings. Lester Bagley the team’s vice president of public affairs and stadium development stated, “the Vikings are watching these developments with interest, but we are currently focused on achieving a workable stadium plan to keep the Vikings in Minnesota.” More news to come…

PETA Withdraws TV Public Service Announcement Offer to Vick

On Wednesday, PETA withdrew its offer to shoot an anti-dogfighting public service announcement after Vick’s release from prison.  The organization withdrew from the previously arranged agreement after Vick’s attorneys sought assurance that PETA would support Vick’s return to the NFL. PETA’s President believes that “saying sorry,” and returning to the fame and fortune of the NFL is unfair due to Vick’s unusually cruel torture and killing of dogs that included hanging, drowning and electrocution. Instead, PETA urged that Vick undergo a brain scan and full psychiatric evaluation to determine his propensity for violence against humans.

AIG Will Not Renew Manchester United Sponsorship

On Thursday, American International Group, Inc. (AIG) confirmed that it will not renew its shirt sponsorship of Manchester United when the deal expires in 2010. The decision to end sponsorship, which is reportedly worth $27 million annually, stems from AIG’s restructuring after receiving a $150 billion bailout last year from the U.S. government.

Chiefs’ Larry Johnson Trial Set for March

In October, Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson was charged with a municipal ordinance violation after a woman alleged that he pushed her in a nightclub last February. Johnson was also accused of spitting drinks on another woman at nightclub last October. The two trials will run back-to-back on Wednesday, March 27. Johnson has denied any wrongdoing.

High School Football Coach Charged with Reckless Homicide

On Thursday, Kentucky high school football coach, David Jason Stinson, was criminally charged with reckless homicide in the death of his former player, Max Gilpin. Then sophomore, Gilpin collapsed at a practice held in 94 degree August heat. When Gilpin arrived at the hospital he had a body temperature of 107 degrees. It was later determined that complications from heat stroke caused Gilpin’s death.

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