The Sport’s Economist

Given today’s headlines, as well as those headlines since the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2007, it is hard to believe that any industry would be sheltered from today’s economic turmoils. The sports industry is NOT an exception. As Darren Heitner on points out: A struggling economy, a financial adviser engaged in fraud…what doesn’t have … Continue reading

Tejada They Come, Tejada They Fall: The Begining of The End of the Juiced Era

  After A-Rod’s memorable apology and admission of using steroids and performance enhancing drugs from 2001-2003, many comments and allegations, both positive and negative, have been thrown around. Alex Rodriguez was another big name star on the list of admitted steroid users during baseball’s “asterisks era.” Although Alex did tarnish his reputation by acknowledging his use of … Continue reading

Silence is Golden

As more details come to light in the A-Rod controversy, I’m left with one thought: Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Here’s my take. Rodriguez said he was sorry, under a lot of pressure, etcetera. Fine. Leave it at that. But instead — and I’m guessing this wasn’t his decision alone — he … Continue reading

Harvard Law Spring 2009 Symposium

Resisting the Recession: Growth Opportunities for Sports in an Economic Downturn In honor of Professor Paul C. Weiler’s career Friday, March 13 & Saturday, March 14, 2009 Harvard Law School

Order in the Barry Bonds Case Continues to Chip Away at Government’s Evidence

In the continuing pre-trial sparing over the evidence to be admitted, the defense team for Bonds landed what may turn out to be serious blows to the government’s case. It is almost certain that based on Bonds’ trainer Greg Anderson’s past willingness to serve jail time for refusing to testify against Bonds, that the government … Continue reading

Diversity and Sports

Interested in analyzing diversity in the  sports industry? Going to be in the PA/DE area on March 16th? Check out the Widener University School of Law Symposium: Diversity and Sports: The History, The Challenges, and The Future.

Watch the Evolution of Street Knowledge Online

If you missed West Virginia College of Law’s Symposium “The Evolution of Street Knowledge: Hip-Hop’s Influence on Law and Culture” on February 12th and 13th, you can watch it online here.

Yale Law Sports Litigation Panel

If you are in the New Haven area on Wednesday, February 25th, you should definitely check this out.

Does age matter?

Apparently in the NFL and NBA it does! Yesterday in Professor McCann’s Sports Law Seminar, the class discussed the imposition of age limits on both the professional basketball and football leagues. Why might the NBA and the NFL have such age limits, but the MLB and other professional sports do not? Several explanations were passed … Continue reading

Barry Bonds’ Trial Update

Hot off the presses, Professor Michael McCann writes on about District Court Judge Susan Illston’s decision to exclude certain jury questioning. Check the piece out here.