Damage Control Follow-up

I have always been a fan of non-traditional new sources.  Perhaps this is why I am attracted to drudgereport.com and its so called political counterpart, huffingtonpost.com.

While browsing The Huffington Post, I cam across a few interesting articles that have analyzed the A-Rod scandal. In a post by Nicholas Graham, he includes a CBS News report. In the CBS News video, Victor Conti (Balco Founder) is heard saying that he believes the Government is to blame for the A-Rod’s leak. Could this be possible?

Also on The Huffington Post, a friend of mine, Aaron Zelinski* writes that their are several problems with Miguel Tejada’s plea:

The charges against Tejada are more suspect than Barry Bonds’s late-career forehead growth.

It is a very interesting and well thought out post.  Perhaps Tejada should not have pled guilty, or at least he should have sought Mr. Zelinski’s input. Especially considering his immigration status. According to a Fox News article:

His guilty plea in this case may subject him to detention, deportation and other sanctions at the direction of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Although Tejada’s immigration status is not likely to be impacted, it is certain that he will face some form of punishment for his guilty plea. Sentencing is to take place on March 26, and the word around town is that he will receive a probation term. The federal sentencing guidelines call for probation to six months.

*Aaron Zelinsky is a member of the Yale Law School Class of 2010. He is an Articles Editor for the Yale Law Journal and a former law clerk for Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch of the Israeli Supreme Court.  He is the founder of www.PresidentialDebateBlog.com. He can also be found as a guest blogger on Sports Law Blog.

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