Silence is Golden

As more details come to light in the A-Rod controversy, I’m left with one thought: Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Here’s my take. Rodriguez said he was sorry, under a lot of pressure, etcetera. Fine. Leave it at that. But instead — and I’m guessing this wasn’t his decision alone — he … Continue reading

Harvard Law Spring 2009 Symposium

Resisting the Recession: Growth Opportunities for Sports in an Economic Downturn In honor of Professor Paul C. Weiler’s career Friday, March 13 & Saturday, March 14, 2009 Harvard Law School

Order in the Barry Bonds Case Continues to Chip Away at Government’s Evidence

In the continuing pre-trial sparing over the evidence to be admitted, the defense team for Bonds landed what may turn out to be serious blows to the government’s case. It is almost certain that based on Bonds’ trainer Greg Anderson’s past willingness to serve jail time for refusing to testify against Bonds, that the government … Continue reading