Silence is Golden

As more details come to light in the A-Rod controversy, I’m left with one thought: Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut?

Here’s my take. Rodriguez said he was sorry, under a lot of pressure, etcetera. Fine. Leave it at that. But instead — and I’m guessing this wasn’t his decision alone — he comes out with a story about his cousin buying performance-enhancing drugs over-the-counter in the Dominican Republic. This leads to more controversy and speculation, and Yuri Sucart is identified within hours as the cousin he was referring to.  Next thing we know, A-Rod’s linked to Angel Presinal . . . and the story continues to unfold. We already know that the story is — for lack of a nicer term — a pile of dog crap.

We’re a voyeuristic society — we love a good scandal. But what’s happening here? A-Rod’s feeding the beast. He had a week to come up with a story. He’s got a well-paid PR team. Somebody decided it would be a good idea to make it sound like A-Rod was a victim in all this. “Let’s blame someone else,” someone said. “Let’s make it look like it wasn’t that bad because you could buy the drugs over-the-counter.” But the truth was going to come out. A-Rod should have said, “I screwed up. It’s my fault. I hope I can rebuild your trust. Thank you.”

And then he should have zipped his lips.

Somebody once told me that you can take a pile of dog crap, coat it in 24-karat gold, put it in a mahogany box, wrap it with pretty paper, and top it off with a nice bow . . . but it’s still a pile of dog crap.

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