How fantasy baseball was born…

Excerpt from Gustavo A. Otalvora, Alfonso Soriano is getting robbed: why the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals made a bad call in [C.B.C. Distrib.], 2008 U. Ill. J.L. Tech. & Pol’y 383 :

The humble origins of fantasy baseball date back to a time long before the invention of the Internet. The game’s roots date back to 1960, when a Harvard professor began playing a version of fantasy baseball with his fellow colleagues. [FN17] Similar to today’s game, the professors would pick the baseball players they thought would accumulate the best statistics throughout the baseball season. [FN18] That professor eventually transferred to the University of Michigan, where a sports writer for Sports Illustrated Magazine, Dan Okrent, generated the idea for today’s version of fantasy baseball. [FN19]

In 1980, [FN20] after several arguments over who would be the best general manager, Okrent and a group of friends created the first fantasy baseball league. [FN21] They created the game at a restaurant called La Rotisserie Francaise [FN22] in Manhattan, where the group often met for lunch and baseball discussions. [FN23] According to the league’s rules, each participant (“manager”) used a specified amount of money to acquire players in an “auction” that took place before the start of the baseball season. [FN24] Throughout the season, managers adjusted their teams by trading and releasing their players. [FN25] At the end of the season, the manager with the best statistics won the league. [FN26]

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