Manny just being Manny

Will Manny Ramirez opt out of his deal with the Dodgers?


According to Bob Nightengale at USA TODAY, “Manny Ramirez would love [a] second shot with Indians.”  Manny’s contract with the Dodgers allows him to opt out at the end of this season.

Manny has again attracted attention to himself.  This brings back memories of last season when he didn’t want to play with Boston.  How will LA’s fans react to this and will Manny “perform” under his current contract?  Could Scott Boras be behind this, or is Manny just being Manny?

One Response to “Manny just being Manny”
  1. Nicholas Adams says:

    Dodgers’ officials and fans knew there was a good chance Manny would look to opt out of his contract. The good news for the Dodgers is that, in order to earn himself a multi-year deal, he will have to put up numbers this season.

    His current contract status, coupled with his quest for another multi-year deal, will simply not allow him to “quit” on the Dodgers. To get his next contract, he will need to show that he can still put up numbers and that his age is not beginning to catch up with him. This means, of course, that the man needs to play (all year) to get paid.

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