I guess things are pretty busy in the world of sports, playoff hockey and basketball are underway, and for those of us who are law students we are busy with exams and graduation, but this is no excuse.  We have sidetracked the most recent steroid reports.  Most notably, 2002 World Series Champ and MVP, Troy Glaus, continued to use steroids despite MLB implementing a steroid testing program.

I suppose as Howard Bryant at points out, the steriod “[r]evelations won’t get any bigger than the one involving Alex Rodriguez, but that doesn’t mean baseball’s steroids mess is over.”

What is most interesting about these new revelations, is the presence of the “dirty doctor.”  Ramon Scruggs, a physician is reported to have given several players preseciptions for steriods without actually seeing them as a patient.  Will this case recieve as much attention as the BALCO scandal, or have we become desensitized to such reports?

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