Thomas’ first wave of recruits


Things have certainly gotten underway for FIU’s basketball program.  As reports, Isiah Thomas has signed four junior college players.  In addition to signing four players, he might also lose two that have mixed feelings about former FIU coach Sergio Rouco’s departure.  One such player has already been released from his scholarship and is likely to pursue a professional career in Puerto Rico.


This is not the first report of players leaving FIU, as starting shooting guard Michael Dominguez has already transferred to Mesa College, and Harley Fuller was released from his scholarships as well. Will there be more? Sun Belt Freshman of the Year, Freddy Asprilla, is also in question.

Will Thomas succeed in getting players to stay, or will he have to start fresh?  Will Thomas finally succeed off-the-court as he has proven to do so on-the-court?  Can his past be left behind?  Will he make FIU a proven tournament contender?  Will this affect the number of applications at FIU (see Fluttie Effect)?


These questions and many more cannot be immediately answered, so I guess we will have to wait and see…One thing is immediately certain, that Athletic Director Pete Garcia has his hands full.

One Response to “Thomas’ first wave of recruits”
  1. fiusels says:

    Soto is a baby. He left FSU as well, so this will be his third new place in the last 3 years.

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