Former College QB takes on the NCAA and EA Sports

More than 18 months after taking his final snap as a Nebraska quarterback, Sam Keller is choosing to challenge more formidable opponents: The NCAA and EA Sports.

Keller has filed a lawsuit against the two entities for, “blatant and unlawful use of [NCAA] student likenesses” in a number of EA Sports’ college football games during his time at Arizona State and Nebraska without paying him for it. The “NCAA 08” game, for example, lists Keller at his approximate height and weight.

“With rare exception, virtually every real-life Division I football or basketball player in the NCAA has a corresponding player in Electronic Arts’ games with the same jersey number, and virtually identical height, weight, build and home state,” the lawsuit said. “In addition Electronic Arts often matches the player’s, skin tone, hair color, and often even a player’s hair style.”

Player ratings tend to be tied the presumed skills of an athlete before the beginning of the season.

The lawsuit also contends that the NCAA looks the other way when gamers download rosters names from the Internet. On the most recent Playstation 3 version of the college football game, EA provides an option to download rosters created by other users.

Here’s a copy of the lawsuit. You have to admit…it’s compelling.

Article located here.


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