Jonathan Lee’s Entertainment Recap for the week of May 25th-29th

The Entertainment side has definitely been entertaining nonetheless.

Earlier this Tuesday, 86 year old T.V personality Ed McMahon ended his civil suit against those he claimed were responsible for his broken neck. He dropped charges on billionaire Robert Day and his wife who he blamed for his broken neck after his fall at their home.

From one T.V personality to another, on Friday, an Australian woman by the name of Tanya Maree Quattrocchi was sentenced to two years in prison after she cyber stalked runner up for the singing show “American Idol,” Diana DeGarmo. She was charged with four counts of cyber stalking, one being hacking into DeGarmo’s Myspace account and intercepting her emails. Quattrocchi has been linked to DeGarmo as early as 2006, where she was sentenced to 150 hours of community service for blackmail.

American Idol has seen its share on the media spotlight as Terri Seymour, the ex-girlfriend of American Idol judge Simon Cowell, received a retraining order on Janice Thibodedeaux, who she claims tried to choke her outside the Idol finale. Thibodedeaux was released earlier this week from police custody.

The Supreme Court of California ruled Tuesday to uphold proposition 8, which states the banning of gay marriage, preventing anymore in the future. Celebrities from Ellen Degeneres to Brad Pitt have shown their disapproval of this ruling, and have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to public service announcements to vote against the ruling. Their disapproval has even moved to the Web where celebrities are posting on their Twitter accounts.

German Courts lifted a ban Tuesday on a movie that was supposed to be released in March of 2006. “Rohtenburg,” a movie about a cannibal was banned from showing in theater after courts ruled that it infringed on personal rights of Armin Meiwes, who was sentenced to life in prison for his cannibal case in 2006. Courts later overturned that ruling, stating artistic freedom of the film makers overruled the personal rights of Meiwes.

Actor Tom Sizemore was arrested Thursday after officers found warrants for his arrest in his connection to a Central California drug case. The 47-year old actor starred in “Blackhawk Down” and “Saving Private Ryan.”

Rapper T.I. reported to Forest City’s federal prison complex Tuesday, to serve time for his weapons conviction. He was arrested in 2007 after he tried buying unregistered machine guns and silencers from federal agents. He will serve 366 days in prison along with a $100,000 fine, and 3 years probation.

Moving from rapper to hip-hop artist, Chris Brown was sued by photographer Robert Rosen, who claims Brown’s bodyguards assaulted him after he tried taking pictures of him at an LA fitness center. Brown pleaded not guilty to those charges. Brown is also due in court for his felony assault charges against Rihanna next month.

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