Jonathan Lee’s Sports Recap for the week of May 25th-29th

Heading into the closing week in May, we examine another eventful week in sports law.

The NFL had multiple headlines this week. Allegations emerged from a woman who claims she was raped by two men at the New Jersey home of Jets safety Kerry Rhodes. Prosecutors have released statements stating that Rhodes is not the target of the criminal investigations.

The NFL filed an appeal on District Court Judge Paul Magnuson’s decision to send two claims by Defensive tackles Kevin and Pat Williams of the Minnesota Vikings to state court. They claim Magnuson misapplied federal law. The Williams were suspended four games for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. The NFL players union has not yet responded to the NFL filing against the ruling, but they have requested a hold on the suspensions of the five players involved in the case.

Former wide receiver Jimmy Smith of the Jacksonville Jaguars was arraigned Thursday on multiple charges, which include cocaine and marijuana possession. He was pulled over on April 23rd in Jacksonville for tinted windows on his Mercedes Benz, but was caught for drugs after cops smelled what they believed to be marijuana.

From one pro bowl receiver to another, Arizona Cardinal wide receiver Anquan Boldin is set to fire long time agent Drew Rosenhaus after ongoing contract disputes with Cardinals management. Boldin will be able to sign with a new agent after his five day waiting period ended Thursday.

The New Orleans Saints will remain in Louisiana until 2025, after the Louisiana House approved a key part of Gov. Jindal’s plan which allows the state to lease office space from owner Tom Benson.

The NBA had its fair share of the newsworthy stories, as Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams was arrested early Monday on one count of assault after he punched someone outside a Raleigh nightclub. This being one of many legal woes Williams has faced. Williams also faces a retrial for reckless manslaughter after jurors reached an impasse during his trial. Prosecutors are now asking to sentence Williams for trying to cover up the shooting of a driver, which he was convicted for in 2004.

A woman claiming to carry Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki’s child, has been confirmed pregnant at Dallas country jail early Tuesday. The 37 year old, named Christy Ann Taylor is facing charges on theft of service charge for non payment on dental work, and if convicted could serve up to two years.

From the pros to college hoops, the Memphis Tigers are responding to allegations that the men’s basketball committed major violations under under John Calipari’s tenure. They are accused of major violations during the 2007-08 season, one of which being the “knowing fraudulence or misconduct” on a SAT exam by a player from that season. The player is assumed to be Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, yet Memphis officials would not confirm. If they are found guilty, Memphis could risk loosing all 38 wins from that season. They are set to meet with NCAA committee members June 6th in Indianapolis.

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