Jonathan Lee’s Entertainment News Recap: Week of June 8th-12th

It was another eventful week for our entertainment fans, stars from across the globe found themselves in the headlines. Geneva police confirmed on Monday that they detained British singer Pete Doherty for heroin consumption on a British Airways flight. He was later fined, and then released by the authorities. Doherty was in route to Switzerland to promote his new album.

J.D Salinger, author of the iconic novel The Catcher in the Rye, sued Windupbird Publishing Ltd. and SCB distributors to halt the distribution of an unauthorized sequel to the original book. Salinger filed suit in a New York federal court, claiming the book uses several accounts from his 1951 novel. The newly published book which is set to be released in the United States on September is titled 60 years later: Coming through the Rye. In other book publishing news, Patrick Fitzgerald, a federal prosecutor in Chicago threatened to sue publisher HarperCollins, based on a novel about the war on terror. The book titled, Triple Cross, references many cases Fitzgerald prosecuted as U.S attorney during the 90’s.

Following a request by David Carradine’s family, Thai police have allowed the FBI to investigate the mysterious death of the American actor. Carradine was found dead at a Bangkok hotel earlier this Thursday. Original reports suggested that it was a suicide, but fowl play is suspected.

Linda Greenlaw, whose story was the basis of the book and movie, “Perfect Storm,” was fined $30,000 for illegal fishing. She was caught fishing in Canadian waters, and was sentenced Tuesday in St.John’s, Newfoundland.

Kelly Bensimon, cast member of the T.V show “Real Housewives of New York City,” has reached a settlement agreement on assault charges made by her ex-boyfriend. She was arrested in March for brutally beating Nicholas Stefanov, who was her then boyfriend. She faces two days of community service, and must stay away from any other trouble for a year.

In the record business, an anonymous artist had his single removed from radio play lists after he supported royalties for musicians. The group by the name of musicFIRSTCoalition has filed a complaint to the FCC, claiming that these radio stations were threatening artists who supported legislation that would make radio stations pay royalties to musicians if they wanted to play their music.

Yolanda Salvidar, who is serving a life sentence for killing Tejano singer Selena lost her appeal Wednesday after she filed it in the wrong county. Salvidar shot and killed the 23 year old singer at a Motel in Miami, after the singer found out that she was embezzling thousands of dollars from her. Salvidar is up for parole in 2025.

Donald Trump finally let go of Miss USA Carrie Prejean Wednesday, for failing to uphold her contract. This comes weeks after Prejean’s controversial remarks about how gays should not be allowed to marry. Trump and other pageant leaders have told the press that the move was made solely on the fact that she failed to uphold her obligations as pageant winner.


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