Jonathan Lee’s Entertainment Recap For Week of July 27th

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was NBC studios, which is why you would wonder why you would give up such an empire, only to start from the beginning. Ben Silverman, co-founder of NBC Entertainment and Universal Movie Studios will leave his current position on his goal to recreate his success with NBC with his new project with IAC/InterActiveCorp.

This weeks box office was a surprise hit, with the Jerry Bruckheimer film “G-Force” taking the number one spot with $32.2 million while “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” earned $30 million this week to come in second. The “Ugly Truth” came in third with $27 million.

Eva Longoria Parker and George Lopez will host the ALMA award, which looks to celebrate the accomplishments of people from the Latino culture. The ceremony will air September 18th.

British actress Joanna Lumley, visited Nepal this week, where she was greeted with cheering Gurkha War veterans. Lumley has been the face of the campaign to get Gurkha soldiers rights to settle in the United Kingdom.

According to the Associate Press, Apple Inc. has been working on a new offering code-name “Cocktail,” which would add value to digital albums that are bought on Apple iTunes by offering different features such as ringtones and artwork apart of a package deal. The deal has not yet to be announced.

The Colorado Parole Board, denied a motion to release Freddie Glenn, who was convicted of killing the sister of Kelsey Grammer. He will now continue serving his life sentence for first degree murder.

The attorney of Joe Francis, creator of “Girls Gone Wild” has denied the allegations made by federal prosecutors this week, who accused an associate of Francis along with federal law enforcements of bribery. Francis is due in court for U.S tax evasion charges.

Former wrestle Hulk Hogan and his wife Linda Bollea have agreed on a settlement in their divorce case. The deal was completed earlier this Tuesday.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Gerald Johnston appointed a lawyer this week to oversee the estate of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets. Suleman, who is the mother of 14 children has agreed on a Reality T.V show that will air in September.

After searching the office of Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, this week agents searched his home to see if the powerful anesthetic used could be warranted as manslaughter.

An auction to sell some of Hollywood’s movie artifacts began Tuesday, as countless pieces of props used during the filming of movies was put up for auction. Among the items on the list is the shower used in “Minority Report,” and the rattan sofa from “The Golden Girls.”

Joseph Estrada, once the president of the Philippines, will try to resurrect his movie career. The 72-year old actor opted to return to the big screens. This will be his first film since the corruption charges that ousted him as president.

The band Foreigner has struck a deal with Wal-Mart Inc. to release their three discs. Wal-Mart has helped bands such as ACDC and Journey reach new heights in popularity. The album is set to release September 29th. That’s all the entertainment law news this week.

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