Jonathan Lee’s Entertainment Recap: August 10-14

Many stories made headlines in the entertainment law world, starting with closing statements in the trial of rapper C-Murder.

C-Murder, also known as Corey Miller, faces a life sentence after being convicted by a Jefferson Parish, Louisiana jury of second-degree murder.

The dynamic country duo of Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn will call it quits after 20 years together. The duo’s albums have sold over $30 million.

The ever-growing social networking site “Twitter” has reached fans of Opera. London’s prominent Royal Opera House has confirmed that they are set to perform an opera piece that has been created via twitter by the fans. Twitter has expanded to reach not only the music industry, but professional sports and the media as well.

Regis Philbin, former host, and special 10th Anniversary host of the show, “Who wants to be a Millionaire,” is being credited with saving ABC network from its lowest ratings. The 7 million viewers that watched Sunday night helped boost the viewership of the once-prominent network.

EA Sports, creator of the hit video game, Madden NFL ‘10 has teamed up with ESPN to advertise its game across the states. The new promotional plan lean towards highlighting Madden NFL ‘10 in Monday Night Football games, along with “SportsCenter” and “NFL Countdown.”

An empty terra cotta mug was thrown at the Mona Lisa by a Russian visitor who was later sent to a psychiatric ward. Motives for this attack are not known.

The Hollywood Foreign Press gave away $1.2 million in grants to 29 film schools and nonprofit organizations. Among those who attended the annual luncheon Tuesday were Warren Beatty, Rose McGowan, and Eva Longoria Parker.

Redbox has sued 20th Century Fox after Fox tried to prevent Redbox’s $1 releases from coming out too soon, supposedly before Fox could make profit off retails. Redbox, which buys DVDs straight from retailers refused Fox’s request earlier last week.

Michael Jackson memorabilia, which was auctioned off last month, is now the focus of an investigation to determine whether the items were stolen. Henry Vaccaro, owner of a trove of Jackson memorabilia, filed a police report July 31st claiming that someone burglarized the Nevada storage facility where the memorabilia was held.

The lifeboat carrying the sea captain who was taken hostage by Somali pirates will be on display in a Florida Museum that has an exhibit dedicated to Navy SEALS.  That is all the entertainment news for this week.

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