International Sport Law & Business Conference (ISLBC) in Istanbul, 6-7 Sept 2010

After considerable effort and outstanding collaboration among several actors, we are extremely excited to announce the International Sport Law & Business Conference (ISLBC) Call for Abstracts. The Conference website is found under:

I encourage you to contribute a short abstract on research you are conducting or on issues you face in industry practice. This promises to be an exceptional event, with major scholars and practitioners already committed to serving on keynote panels, on the Review Board (, and contributing to the Conference in several ways. Indeed, it has been an absolute honor and rare privilege to gather such talented and inspiring groups for our field in a team effort, which will yield significant output and plant seeds for contributions of impact.

Join us in Istanbul for solid discourse, profound sessions, meaningful contributions to the field of sport business and law, as well as some good entertainment. ISLBC coincides with several Istanbul events of interest, such as Istanbul as 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe, the Istanbul Biennial, the U2 Concert, and the FIBA World Basketball Championships for Men. Interested parties should contact each event’s organiser for timely purchase of tickets and more information.

Looking forward to your submissions and further involvement with this truly worthwhile venture.

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