NCAA DI Amateurism & Proposal 2009-22

It has simply been a hot season on all legal and policy fronts already, and we have yet to finish the first quarter of the year! Can we have any more fun?

For NCAA DI Amateurism lovers, this will be a brilliant trip, just sip on some coffee before perusing… In an attempt to sum it all up, we should say that on one hand the NCAA DI membership has taken the high road with cases of prospects who were not real professionals (but for conservative applications and past interpretations of Bylaw 12 and changing definitions of professional team and competition with pros). On the other hand, encouraging prospects to enroll in college as soon as possible has been the way to balance the amateurism deregulation direction the “high road” of Prop. 2009-22 entailed. Here come the several DI constituent-influencing powers, however, and protest: “What about the kids we have already promised scholarships for next year, and they would get the short end of the stick because they had been out of high school for more than a year…? What about the kids from overseas systems, in which they finish high school when they are 16?” As you will observe, there’s a lot there. Happy journey into the contemporary amateurism plane!

And an interesting recommendation: over the past few weeks students and colleagues guided me to this BylawBlog… Impressive insight and solid contributions therein. The recommenders had been absolutely hooked on it since inception… for good reason. Can’t wait for the mystery of the “Compliance Guy” to unfold! Or perhaps it should remain well concealed… Keep up the good work!

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