The Sport’s Economist

Given today’s headlines, as well as those headlines since the sub-prime mortgage crisis in 2007, it is hard to believe that any industry would be sheltered from today’s economic turmoils. The sports industry is NOT an exception. As Darren Heitner on points out: A struggling economy, a financial adviser engaged in fraud…what doesn’t have … Continue reading

The Current State Of College Recruiting

Below is a great article that was posted on this morning.  It is a must read for anyone interested in going into the sports world.  Darren Heitner is the author of this piece.  Visit for related articles and check out the Dynasty Athlete Representation website and support Dynasty’s current agents and clients. Wednesday … Continue reading

Vermont Law School SELS

After having watched UF’s Sports Law Symposium via webcast, and seeing how well organized Darren Heitner was, I personally set off with the aid of my colleagues in the Vermont Law School SELS to see what we can do at VLS to make our own panel a success. (Great job Darren!) As some of you … Continue reading