From our Intern Jonathan Lee: Sports Recap (May 18-22)

From the gridiron to the race tracks, a lot has happened this week within the sports law world. The top story this week was the release of Michael Vick, the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, from a prison in Leavenworth, Kansas last Wednesday. Vick was sentenced to serve twenty-three months in jail for his involvement … Continue reading

What is wrong with Ohio courts? By Tassos Kaburakis*

First O’Brien, now this… Many of us subscribe to the need for reform in various areas of the NCAA’s management of student-athletes (SAs). The White v NCAA settlement a year ago was a strategic maneuver that provided for more funds to be disbursed to SAs, with the important inclusion of the opportunity, not mandate, to … Continue reading

The Current State Of College Recruiting

Below is a great article that was posted on this morning.  It is a must read for anyone interested in going into the sports world.  Darren Heitner is the author of this piece.  Visit for related articles and check out the Dynasty Athlete Representation website and support Dynasty’s current agents and clients. Wednesday … Continue reading