A daily dose of A-Rod articles…

Zach Miller over at SportsAgentBlog.com considers this interesting look into our (sports fans, sports enthusiasts, sports journalists, regular journalists, law students, law professors, etc) obsession with the phenomenon that has come to be known as A-Rod. Check the article out here. Aaron Zelinsky and Benjamin Johnson of Yale Law School, received a guest post on … Continue reading

The Current State Of College Recruiting

Below is a great article that was posted on SportsAgentBlog.com this morning.  It is a must read for anyone interested in going into the sports world.  Darren Heitner is the author of this piece.  Visit SportsAgentBlog.com for related articles and check out the Dynasty Athlete Representation website and support Dynasty’s current agents and clients. Wednesday … Continue reading

Who Wants To Be An Agent?

From an article I originially posted on SportsAgentBlog.com, and in Forum-Vermont Law School newspaper.   The Entourage Effect, So You Want To Be An Agent? By Zak A. Kurtz Most of you are familiar with the hit HBO series Entourage.  The show is based on the experiences of Mark Wahlberg as an up and coming … Continue reading