Jonathan Lee’s Entertainment News Recap: June 15-19th

David Letterman has made a public apology to Alaska’s governor Sarah Palin. Letterman, who joked about Palin’s 18 year old daughter being knocked up by New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, Palin thought it was targeted at her 14 year old daughter Willow.

The publishing company of the widely known book, Harry Potter, denies reports that author, J.K Rowling stole the idea from deceased author Adrian Jacobs. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC claims that Jacobs first thought of the idea with his book Willy the Wizard. Moving from one highly acclaimed author to another, Frederick Colting was sued by Salinger for copyright infringement. Colting claims that the book is parody and therefore protected under law.

Elle Magazine, who recently shot a photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan claimed that their jewelry was stolen from the. The jewelry is apparently worth over $400,000. Among the items stolen were necklaces and earrings.

A judge has ruled in favor of Duane Chapman, star of the hit show “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” after he rejected a request by public defender William Shoewe to charge Chapman and his crew for falsely claiming that a man shot at them during one of their shows in Colorado. From the small screen the big screen, police have decided not to charge actress Jessica Alba with vandalism after posters were found all over downtown Oklahoma City. Charges were not pursued by any of the property owners.

Christian Moeller has sued Rihanna and Stephen Yacobian after multiple cars were found parked in the driveway of Moeller’s home. Some of which belonged to Rihanna. Moeller has sued on both trespassing and invasion of privacy.

Korean Pop singer Rain has reached a settlement in his lawsuit, after canceling a concert in the United States. Part of the settlement orders the Korean singer and managers to pay a Hawaiian promoter $8 million worth of damages.

Eight people have been accused of copyright infringement after a new handbook for the popular role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons was released online. Wizards of the Coast LLC made the accusation earlier this week, and are looking to recover damages from the incident.

A judge in South Carolina upheld a $4 million dollar verdict, which would force A&E television networks to split profits with creator Richard Davis on the show, “Flip this House.” An appeal is set to be made by A&E.

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