Mixed Martial Arts Legislation in NY Would Spur New Economic Activity

Guys fighting

With the New York state deficit hitting $8 billion, steps need to be taken in order to right the ship that is the state’s budget. Recently New York Gov. David Paterson stated that the projected deficit for the upcoming fiscal year has grown by an additional $750 million…

The NFL and Tax

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court decided American Needle yesterday, and there are a couple things I want to mention: First, Michael McCann has a great article that explains the decision in plain English.  In the related shameless-self-promotion arena, I also have a new article out on SSRN that discusses the NFL’s tax status. I tried to make … Continue reading

Pay Structure of Minor League Baseball Players

The pay structure of minor league baseball players is organized between three minor league farm systems.  They are organized as follows: class AAA, class AA, and class A leagues.  The Major League Baseball Offices is in charge of handling the contracts of minor league baseball players. While both the minor league and major league were … Continue reading

Benefits of Social Media in Sports

Social Media is gaining momentum in the past couple years, especially in sports. We are beginning to see a change in the way our society communicates, as more and more people are beginning to use these social media outlets as a means to communicate with one another.  Sports which generally generates consistent revenue such as … Continue reading

Tejada They Come, Tejada They Fall: The Begining of The End of the Juiced Era

  After A-Rod’s memorable apology and admission of using steroids and performance enhancing drugs from 2001-2003, many comments and allegations, both positive and negative, have been thrown around. Alex Rodriguez was another big name star on the list of admitted steroid users during baseball’s “asterisks era.” Although Alex did tarnish his reputation by acknowledging his use of … Continue reading

Silence is Golden

As more details come to light in the A-Rod controversy, I’m left with one thought: Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Here’s my take. Rodriguez said he was sorry, under a lot of pressure, etcetera. Fine. Leave it at that. But instead — and I’m guessing this wasn’t his decision alone — he … Continue reading